Our Story

We have been working extensively on our ‘Luxury Picnic Event’ business. We are 2 female business partners and cousins, who work in completely opposite employment fields.

Our completely diverse roles of employment (Health Sector/Retail Leasing), have enabled our business to have all the relevant strengths it needs to be successful.  We have a vision and our aim is to follow through with this no matter where our journey leads us. All of the tables and props we use in our packages are all custom pieces; created by us and made by us. We allow our visions to come to life and we ensure this happens through our customized props.

We want to be niche, cater for ALL types of functions and ensure we make the customer feel like what they dreamt of is what is in front of them on the day of the booking. Boho/Rustic inspired, our décor pieces are all sourced from individual boutiques, rugs shipped from global locations and we believe our business is an ‘elegant’ offer.

Our Mission

Here at CYD Events, we are committed to delivering a perfectly tailored design experience for your special event. We strive to transform ordinary spaces into engaging events that you and your guests will never forget. Our mission is to present inspiring yet unique visions while providing a fun, joyful and luxury experience!

We are generators, over-achievers, and passionate perfectionists, we will collectively speak a shared language of innovation and artistic excellence to service our clients.

melbourne event styling

Berna & Demet

We are a family run business. We have a great passion for what we do and love bringing your ideas to life. 

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